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2020 LCOC Membership
We invite you to become a member of the Leland Chamber of Commerce (LCOC). Our 3 membership categories allow businesses, non-profits, organizations, community members and visitors  – a great opportunity to become actively involved in supporting the Leland Township community:

1) Full Membership  –  Business or non-profit organization  
2) Friend of the Chamber Membership  –  For anyone that loves and wants to support Leland!
3) Community Service Membership  –  Lising for churches, schools, emergency service

2020 Leland Chamber Membership Application – click to download interactive form

Mail to: LCOC, PO Box 741, Leland, MI 49654
Drop off: Two Fish Gallery, 104 River Street, Leland
❏ Credit Card
​    • 
Email to have a Square invoice sent to you to make online payment
    • Fill out information on form or call Jennifer 231-218-4217 or Marsha 231-649-5008

❏ Check – Include with application form – check payable to Leland Chamber

• You may become a member of the Leland Chamber at any time during the year!
• Memberships expire on December 31 of the year purchased (no proration)
• If current memberships are not renewed, previous year website listings will be removed in January.
• You must be a current member to be eligible to purchase chamber marketing opportunities.