Scavenger Hunt

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    Small Business Saturday
    Scavenger Hunt

    Saturday, November 30, 2019 ~ 10am-4pm

    Build a snowman ornament in order to enter our Gift Basket drawing! Parts of the ornament will be at different locations throughout town.  

    Participants MUST start at either Leelanau Books or Holly Pop (Old Art Building) to pick-up a snowman ornament base and a Scavenger Hunt map, then visit the following shops to piece together your ornament. Then go to Leelanau Books or Holly Pop to show your ornament and enter drawing for gift basket:

    2019 destinations coming soon!
    1.    Leelanau Books or Holly Pop – Pick-up map and ornament
    2.    Haystacks – Add hat to the ornament
    3.    Rustic Roots – Add band to the hat
    4.    Blue Boat Coffee – Stop for a quick photo opp with props!
    5.    Tampico – Add star to the hat
    6.    At the Lake – Show their ornament and pick up a treat!
    7.    Roxane – Add scarf to snowman
    8.    Celebrate the Grape – Add candy cane to snowman
    9.    Gretas – Add arm to snowman
    10.  Two Fish – Tie ribbon on ornament
    11.  Harbor House – Show ornament and pick up second treat!
    12.  Leelanau Books or Holly Pop – Show completed ornament, turn in map with name and phone number to enter drawing for gift basket.

    Small Business Saturday invites and encourages people everywhere to shop at small businesses, and make a big difference in the world. We are happy to take part, with an incentive for visitors to go into every shop!