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Many talented, award winning artists call Leland home. You'll love our shops and galleries, that offer local art in a range of mediums.

Leland is a fresh water paradise ~ and getting 'out on the water' is a must! Plan a fishing trip or take the ferry to the islands.

Explore our diverse, cultural and entertainment venues: Museum, historical Fishtown, films, art exhibits, music, classes & more! 

Foodies love the Leelanau peninsula's diverse and quality specialty food and dining options ~ something for every appetite.

Leland and Lake Leelanau offer many beautiful venue and catering options for your event, celebration or family gathering plans.

Leland is a beautiful community to live and visit. Whether you are planning a vacation or to purchase your dream home, start here!

Explore area professional services, non-profits, churches, fire and rescue, local K-12 and early childhood education options.

You'll find an array of unique shops in Leland and Lake Leelanau: art, jewelry, apparel, home accessories, decor & gifts... for everyone!

Leelanau Peninsula is home to 25 wineries, and a robust distillery. Each with unique specialties and inviting, beautiful tasting rooms.