Leelanau county is known for its pristine beaches, and those surrounding Leland are some of the best!

Lake Michigan
> Van's Beach
Public beach just beyond Van's Garage, is a local favorite. The trail head to the beach is just beyond Van's Garage at the end of Cedar Street - downtown Leland.

Lake Leelanau ~ North
> Barthalowmew Park (Nedow's Beach)
Public beach and park on North Lake Leelanau with boat launch, picnic area and dock. Also has lifeguard at some times during the summer and swimming lessons. On Pearl Street east of Main Street 7 blocks.
> Schneider's Beach & Park
Public beach with picnic area on North Lake Leelanau at the end of Popp Road (off M-204) 1.5 miles west of village of Lake Leelanau.